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On the site it says to install the specific version of a package the user should use -version <version number> which results in this from the choco cmd line: PS C:\WINDOWS\system32> cup phraseexpress -y -version 12.0.93 Parsing -version resulted in exception: Cannot bundle unregistered option '-e' I can install this package with choco install dotnetcore --version 2.2.8 -m. But when 2.2.9 will be released, I will still be on 2.2.8, because I specified that specific version. What command do I need to have .NET Core 2.2 updated to a new minor version when I issue choco upgrade all 📝 NOTE Options and switches apply to all items passed, so if you are running a command like install that allows installing multiple packages, and you use --version=1.0.0, it is going to look for and try to install version 1.0.0 of every package passed. So please split out multiple package calls when wanting to pass specific options Chocolatey is software management automation for Windows that wraps installers, executables, zips, and scripts into compiled packages. Chocolatey integrates w/SCCM, Puppet, Chef, etc. Chocolatey is trusted by businesses to manage software deployments

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choco --version This command will instruct chocolatey to output its version which should be 0.10.0 or higher. If there is red text on your PowerShell screen, something went wrong. Using Chocolatey Step 9: The Search Continues. Type the following in PowerShell and hit the Enter key to execute. choco search ChocolateyGUI This command will list out packages that match search criteria. We want to. If you have choco, you can use the outdated command. choco outdated If you have 0.9.9+ installed: choco upgrade all --noop If you have version or below installed: choco version all Following that, if you actually want to upgrade - you can follow with: cup all -y Note:-y will only work with Input. The input property is used to specify the name of the package to install (for example 'mongodb') or the path to a configuration file of the following formats packages.config, .nuspec, and .nupkg.The value of input will be append to a choco install command (for example choco install mongodb) along with any arguments specific in additionalOptions and the built-in choco options (defined. choco install -y --force nodejs. It seems that choco install is installing the latest (unstable) version. To install a specific version, use following command instead: choco install -y --force nodejs@v12.13. Step 4: Check NodeJS Version. Open a GIT Bash or an MSDOS window (search Git Bash or CMD): node -v # output: v13.1.0 Step 5: Check NPM Version. The chocolatey installation of. Options and switches apply to all items passed, so if you are installing multiple packages, and you use --version=1.0.0, choco is going to look for and try to install version 1.0.0 of every package passed. So please split out multiple package calls when wanting to pass specific options

  1. Chocolatey. Homepage: Chocolatey.org Chocolatey is a machine-level package manager and installer for software packages, built for the Windows NT platform. It is an execution engine using the NuGet packaging infrastructure and Windows PowerShell to provide an automation tool for installing software on Windows machines, designed to simplify the process from the user perspective
  2. When running choco install -y on any machine it installs perfectly! But when trying to deploy it using InTune (As SYSTEM) it gives me a timeout (from the logs) and I see that the setup.exe still is running in the background. So my guess is that the installer can't handle that it is being installed as SYSTEM. Could this be the issue? Other.
  3. istratorPaste the following command into Powershell and press enter

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To install a specific version of a package: sudo apt-get install package=version For example: sudo apt-get install apache2=2.3.35-4ubuntu1 Share. Improve this answer. Follow edited Mar 3 '14 at 9:35. Aditya. 12.2k 14 14 gold badges 59 59 silver badges 90 90 bronze badges. answered Mar 3 '14 at 9:03. Maythux Maythux. 71k 46 46 gold badges 212 212 silver badges 255 255 bronze badges. 11. we can. Fix - Use install unless version specified in install ; 2015-10-02 Release 1.1.2. Ensure compatibility ; Fix - Mixed stale environment variables of existing choco install causing issues ; Upgrade From POSH Version of Chocolatey Fails from Puppet ; 2015-09-25 Release 1.1.1. Add log_output for chocolatey bootstrap installer scrip Install a specific version of a package can be useful to avoid the bugs when you know which version of a package is concerned and make sure to disable a specific package from updating by holding the packages so it won't get automatically updated when you run 'apt-get upgrade'. To handle Debian-based system packages, we use the apt-get command. To run this command you require administrative. The commands aren't platformed specific, and you can use the command on both Command Prompt and Windows PowerShell. But make sure, you are executing the commands with the administrator privileges. Getting help: choco -? Searching for programs: choco search <app/package_name> Installing programs: choco install <app/package_name> Updating programs: choco update <app/package_name> Uninstalling.

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